Check how we branded ourselves.

We're a small family-run studio

Pudding is a design studio formed by the two of us, Jelena and Nenad and we are here to help you pinpoint what works for your business and what doesn't, giving you a chance to shape it the right way.

Through our small studio's visual identity, we wanted to escape a bit from the now well-known brutalist minimalist design (which, let's face it, is very dear to us, plus hey, it's something that is a given by being born in the Eastern Europe) and bring in colors, positive nostalgia, and even a little cheesiness.

Essentially, our identity mood board could be described as a combination of Clifton Hill and Niagara Falls, Coney Island, and Novi Sad's Liman neighborhood.

Ready, when you are.

Let us help you move the needle.

We are always curious to hear your ideas so if you think that we can be of any help, don't be shy to contact us.


From everything shown above, we hope it is clear what we can provide and what we can improve when it comes to your product. It is very important for us that we believe in your product and that our energies match.

Add a long-run partnership to that equation and we are even closer to a hype-worthy launch.

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We favor staying small (just the two of us, Jelena and Nenad), flexible and agile, cutting the middle man, and working directly with you. If there is a need to include more people - for whatever reason (like specific production skill sets) we can scale easily and bring only the industry's best and the ones we have experience joining forces with to the table.

We are also super transparent so if there is any beside two of us you will know why, when, and who is working with you.