TextNow reached out to us with the idea of helping them brand their people and culture team under the name Allhands. The project was divided into three parts. The first one was the visual identity, with a focus on the logo (other brand elements, such as color and typography were taken from textnow's master brand). The second part was the development of the mascot, and the third was the implementation of everything mentioned in the Allhand Mexico offsite event.
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We favor staying small (just the two of us, Jelena and Nenad), flexible and agile, cutting the middle man, and working directly with you. If there is a need to include more people - for whatever reason (like specific production skill sets) we can scale easily and bring only the industry's best and the ones we have experience joining forces with to the table.

We are also super transparent so if there is any beside two of us you will know why, when, and who is working with you.