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In the last few years, illustrations have become the key element of most brands. They are present in all types of media: print, digital, and even as user interface elements. The reason is that a picture speaks more than 1000 words, and a simple illustration will easily convey the message to the user.

However, since a large number of digital products have started using illustrations as a means of communication and as a part of their brand, choosing a style that will be uniquely recognizable has become a complex task.

Here we are sharing the early research, as well as most of the illustrations we produced.

Product Illustrations

Brand & Culture

Social Media & Campaigns

That illustration style we chose for the merch ended up as a step in the right direction, even for the illustrations used externally - public use and promotion of the TextNow as a brand. Tests showed that these illustrations are distinctive and easily recognisable, reflecting the value of TextNow as a product.

We are finding that a huge success, especially nowadays when the vast majority of products use illustrations as a primary way of communication with their users, making it even more challenging to distinguish one brand from another and not make yet another generic illustration set.

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From everything shown above, we hope it is clear what we can provide and what we can improve when it comes to your product. It is very important for us that we believe in your product and that our energies match.

Add a long-run partnership to that equation and we are even closer to a hype-worthy launch.

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We favor staying small (just the two of us, Jelena and Nenad), flexible and agile, cutting the middle man, and working directly with you. If there is a need to include more people - for whatever reason (like specific production skill sets) we can scale easily and bring only the industry's best and the ones we have experience joining forces with to the table.

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